Introducing: Simplified Property API

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Bytient is proud to introduce our Simplified Property API. Developers can access our comprehensive API and tools that drive part of our core platform through our partnership with RapidAPI. Our API encompassed a broad range of real estate data, including property data, rental data, ZIP code information, and more. The Property API listing on RapidAPI comes equipped with a free tier, making it accessible to everyone. To get started, you can find an overview of our tool below.

Click Here for Access to Data on Over 120 Million Properties

We have coverage across the United States, including residential and commercial properties. This also includes rental estimates and home value estimates for all states and ZIP codes. Our data comes from public sources, and it is refreshed with each request that we process so you don’t get stale data like with most other APIs. We offer a free plan for you to test our API and develop without any commitments. All our data is obtained from public sources.

Our data includes:

  • Property Records with deep detail for any use-case
  • See the associated agents for the listings
  • Get real-time property values and rental estimates
  • See tax history, previous sales, and other associated activity

Check out the API directly on the RapidAPI Marketplace!

A Property Records API is a tool that provides access to property records, such as property details, transaction history, and zoning information. This type of API is designed to help real estate professionals, such as agents, tenants, property managers, and software developers, access critical property information quickly and efficiently. The information provided by a Property Records API can be used for various purposes, such as property search and selection, due diligence, marketing and advertising, and decision-making. With its ability to streamline access to property information and improve data accuracy, our Simplified Property API is a valuable resource for anyone involved in the real estate industry.

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